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  • Machiya #machiyagram In & Around Kanazawa: Our Staff Recommendations
    Hinaya Higashiyama
    Hinaya Higashiyama
    What to eat, drink, and do around Higashi Chaya District
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  • Feature #machiyastories Check-in with our Guests. Hear about their experiences.
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Your home away from home

At Machiya Residence Inn, you will be able to stay in, and rent out an entire traditional Japanese house all to yourself. Each of our "machiya" are traditional Japanese two-story townhouses that have been fully renovated to offer modern comforts while still maintaining an atmosphere of a rich history and traditional design.

With an entire machiya house at your disposal, you will truly have room to relax. Take this chance to live and explore this country as a local. Have a taste of their lifestyle first hand, and become a part of the community!

Recommended Machiya

  • Hinaya Higashiyama

    Hinaya Higashiyama

    • Up to 7 guests
    • 70.74㎡
    • 35,000 yen 〜

    As you approach a quaint Kanazawa neighbourhood, a warmly-lit machiya house comes into view. The dark, latticed exterior invites you to enter the heart of “Hinaya Higashiyama” - an expansive space filled with soft illumination. Appreciate the wooden beams that...

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  • Hisago Uma

    Hisago Uma

    • Up to 6 Guests
    • 57㎡
    • 30,000 yen~

    Hyoutan-machi (瓢箪町) A name befitting of the town’s history and culture – the origin of this town’s name is said to derive from the plethora of Japanese gourds (hyoutan) that was once bought and sold within this thriving castle city....

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  • Hisago Usagi

    Hisago Usagi

    • Up to 3 Guests
    • 52㎡
    • 24,000 yen~

    瓢簞町、金沢 (Hyoutan-machi, Kanazawa) This traditional Japanese house is located in an area of Kanazawa known as Hyoutan-machi. The hyoutan, a Japanese gourd, is a motif that is prevalent throughout Japanese culture. A garden plant, which was once used as a...

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  • Hikoso-machi Ginnoma

    Hikoso-machi Ginnoma

    • Up to 8 Guests
    • 84.84㎡
    • 35,000 yen~

    Hikosomachi, Kanzawa. Marvel at the original framework that has been preserved, which allows for you to truly appreciate the architecture and beauty of this Kanazawa machiya house. The walls have been carefully restored by utilizing modern day materials while using...

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  • Hikoso-machi Kinnoma

    Hikoso-machi Kinnoma

    • Up to 9 Guests
    • 98.53㎡
    • 30,000 yen~

    From the wooden gate welcoming you to Hikoso-machi KINNOMA, tiled roofing, lattice windows & doors – each element has been carefully preserved, which allows for you to truly appreciate the architecture of these traditional houses. The Japanese garden that sits...

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  • Higashiyama Kageroi

    Higashiyama Kageroi

    • Up to 9 Guests
    • 85㎡
    • 30,000 yen~

    “Higashiyama Kageroi” machiya house lies within the beautifully preserved city of Kanazawa – introducing you to a side of Japan that will surprise even the most seasoned visitors. A deep ultramarine blue paints the walls of one room, while a...

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Machiya Accommodations