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When are reservations available?
MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN accepts reservations up to 6 months in advance (which includes the current month).
Please check back on our website on the 1st of every month to see the new reservation openings of our traditional Japanese holiday homes!

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Special OffersMachiya Residence Inn

Make a reservation via our official website for the Best Rates Guaranteed.
From our exclusive offers, long getaways, family trips, and more,
take advantage of our special offers to make your next visit to Kanazawa even more memorable!

  • Web Exclusive

    Special Offer! Grand Opening of 'Matsunoma' Machiya Holiday House

    A renovated, traditional Japanese holiday house (vacation rental) surrounded by 2 of Kanazawa city’s historical tea districts. To the east is the Higashi Chaya Tea District, while across the river is the charming Kazuemachi Tea District.
    Take advantage of this limited time offer & help us celebrate the grand opening of 'Matsunoma' machiya house!

    10% OFF
    Your Stay

  • Web Exclusive

    Special Offer! Grand Opening of 'Tokikaze' Machiya Holiday House

    Nestled between Kanazawa Castle & Omicho Market. A renovated Japanese machiya house featuring a steam sauna & outdoor ‘rotenburo’ bath

    10% OFF +
    Sauna Experience

    While the sauna experience is usually an option, we've included it for free in this limited time offer! Available until 2024/05/16.

  • Optional Experience

    Private Japanese Tea Ceremony

    An exclusive experience for our MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN Kanazawa guests. Experience an authentic tea ceremony conducted by a tea master inside of your machiya house!

    Experience Includes:

    ・Matcha Tea
    ・Japanese Sweet
    ・Make your own matcha tea the traditional way

  • Web Exclusive

    An Eco-Friendly Stay

    Help us to reduce the number of single-use plastic, and opt to stay with a limited selection of amenities. We are continually looking for new ways to implement more sustainable practices, and to support Kanazawa's local communities. Thank you for joining in on our efforts and journey!

    5% OFF

    your accommodation fee
    and earn 2x Machiya Points

  • Web Exclusive

    Last Minute Machiya Offer

    Are you making any last-minute plans to visit Kanazawa city? Take advantage of this exclusive offer, which you'll only be able to find on our official website.

    Save more

    Search for last-minute machiya deals to save on stays in our machiya accommodations.
    ① Find a machiya house that you'd like to reserve, ② Select the 'Book Now' button. If the machiya house is eligible, our 'Web Exclusive Offer' will appear.

  • Optional Experience

    Private Sauna Experience

    Enjoy a private in-house sauna experience during your machiya stay. Surround yourself in the calming scent of locally-sourced Japanese ‘hinoki’ cypress wood, and take in a moment of zen for yourself.

    Sauna Amenities

    Sauna Hat・Organic hair care oil・Selection of 3 types of cold drinks・Löyly experience