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The Most Beautiful Garden in Japan, Kenrokuen

In Japan, you’ll often hear the phrase “San-dai” (三大〇〇), which translates to “The Top 3 〇〇”, and is used to rank the ‘Top 3’ of many things. You’ll find that these curated lists rank everything from natural landscapes, food, to the unusual: “Top 3 Temples in Japan”, “Top 3 Mountains in Japan”, “Top 3 Places to Eat Ramen in Japan”, “Top 3 Airports in Japan”, “Top 3 Sake Breweries”, and more.


In this feature, we will showcase one of the ‘Three Great Gardens of Japan’- Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa, Japan. Although the ranking of the ‘Three Great Gardens of Japan’ has been acknowledged by the people of Japan, the list’s origins remain unclear and is often debated. Whether or not this is a definitive list of the ‘Three Great Gardens of Japan’, Kenrokuen Garden is definitely a traditional garden worthy of being on any list of must visit places in Japan.

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