How do I make a reservation?
We accept reservations up to 6 months in advance. Reservations made be made via the following methods:

1. Send us an e-mail (info@machiya-inn-japan.com )
2. Make a reservation via our website
3. Call us directly at +81-50-3786-2009 (available Mon-Sun from 10:00 to 19:00 JST)
What is the cancellation policy?
Cancellation of any reservation made with MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN may be subject to a cancellation fee:
No show / Check-in Date100%
1 day to 2 days prior to Check-in Date100%
3 or more days prior to Check-in DateFull Refund minus transaction fee
*Guests will be responsible for any transaction fees involved in the receiving and returning of payment
How can I make the payment?
We ask for payment upon booking.
Payment can be made via PayPal, or Credit Card (VISA/MASTERCARD/JCB only).

All payment will be made in Japanese Yen.
May I make a reservation on behalf of another guest?
Yes. When making your reservation, please let us know the name of the guest who will be staying in the house, as well as the guests' contact number and email address.

If another guest will be making the payment, please ensure all guests are aware of reservation details.
Does the rate include tax and service charge?
Yes. All rates shown on our webpage include 10% consumption tax (incl. sales tax, VAT, excise duty, etc.) and service fees.

In Kanazawa City, a new accommodation tax will be implemented starting April 1, 2019
(金沢市自 2019年4月1日起开始征收住宿税)

Accordingly, we will charge a separate accommodation tax based on you accommodation fee as determined by the Kanazawa City government. Please visit the link below for more information and details.
Kanazawa City Accommodation Tax
Is the machiya house suitable for the elderly?
Yes. There are no age restrictions for guests staying with MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN.

However, please note that our machiya houses are renovated, two-story traditional Japanese properties.
While almost all of our machiya houses have a Western-Style room with beds, most are located on the 2nd Floor. Other bedding options include Japanese-style floor futons that can be set on the 1st Floor or 2nd Floor.

If you are looking for a house with specific requirements (i.e. dining table and chairs, toilet facilities on the top floor, etc.), please feel free to contact our friendly staff via email or telephone.

While we do our best to cater to all guest requests, we thank you for your understanding that some requests for adjustments cannot be met.
Is the house suitable for children?
Yes.There are no age restrictions for guests staying with MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN.

Children under the age of 5 may stay share a bed with another guest with no additional charge. In this case, please process the guest as "0" when making your reservation.

Please be aware that due to the traditional layout of the houses we may not be able to make adjustments for child-proofing.
Can we have more than the maximum number of guests in one machiya house?
Unfortunately, due to the Japanese Fire Service Act issued by the Kanazawa City government, we are unable to accept more than the maximum number of guests indicated under each property.
Can I change the number of guests after making a reservation?
Yes. You may change the number of guests up to 2 days prior to your check-in date.

Your Stay

What time is check in/check out?
Check-in: 15:00~
Check-out: ~10:00
How do I collect the key for the house?
There is no key for our machiya houses.
We will send a PIN number to enter the house prior to your arrival.

Please kindly check your confirmation email sent to you by MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN prior to your arrival.
How do I check in?
Check-in AFTER 15:00
Enter your house using the PIN number provided in your email, and call our staff using the cellphone provided inside the house.
A staff member will come to your house to assist with the check in process.
*Please kindly look over your confirmation email for more details and information.

Check-in AFTER 19:00
Please inform our staff at your earliest convenience if you will be checking in after 19:00. We will provide you with additional instructions on how to check in.
Is Yukata provided?
Yes, yukata are provided for all guests staying in our machiya houses.
How many children can stay without any charge?
We allow any children under the age of 5 to stay for free (to share bedding with another guest). We allow up to the same number of adults.
Are meals included?
All reservations are self-catered, meals not included.

For assistance regarding restaurant recommendations, or making restaurants reservations, please email our staff at info@kanazawa-machiya-inn.com
Can we bring pets?
We do not allow pets inside our houses.
What type of kitchen facilities are there?
We provide a basic kitchen, with essential kitchen utensils and crockery enough for the number of guests staying. Please see our webpage for more details.
What amenities are included?
Towels, linen, bathroom amenities, and more are all included in your stay.
For details on amenities, please check each individual machiya house web page.
Can we get in touch if we have any problems during our stay?
Yes. There is a cellphone in each house in case of an emergency.

Should you have any problems or questions during your stay, you may use this phone to contact a member of staff on our emergency number which is available 24 hours per day.
Are there any restrictions on noise in the machiya house?
No parties or events are allowed inside the machiya house at any time.

As machiya houses are traditional, wooden structures, noise tends to echo more than usual inside the houses. Additionally, as houses are located in residential areas, close to surrounding neighbours, we respectfully ask you to take care particularly when talking in the entrance or outside the house.

Access/Car Parking

Do you have any car parking space?
Our machiya houses do not have private car parks.

However, we do offer parking spaces within walking distances of each machiya house. As these parking spaces are reserved on a first-come first-serve basis, please kindly email us at info@kanazawa-machiya-inn.com if you are interested in reserving a parking spot.

Fee: 500 yen/ per day

Alternatively, our staff are able to provide you with additional information regarding coin parking spaces in the surrounding neighborhood.
How do I get to the house by taxi?
We will include Japanese instructions to show to taxi drivers in Kanazawa in your reservation confirmation e-mail.