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What is it like staying with MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN?

If you truly want to immerse yourself in Kyoto’s local life and culture, there is no better way of doing so than staying in a machiya house (traditional Japanese townhouse). With MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN, you can rent one of 40 machiya holiday houses (vacation rentals) that have been beautifully renovated with modern comforts. Each machiya maintains its traditional design and atmosphere to allow you to truly experience the historically rich city of Kyoto, Japan.

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    Machiya are traditional wooden townhouses, which originally served as both a storefront and place of residence - lining the historical streets of Japanese cities. These architectures still dot the city of Kyoto, nestled inbetween modern buildings, or tucked away in alleyways and small side streets. Since you can find MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN Kyoto machiya townhouses in various locations throughout the city, you'll be sure to find the perfect house to fit your travel needs.
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    The entire machiya holiday house (vacation rental) is reserved just for you. Unlike a typical hotel or ryokan, you will not have to share any space with other guests, making our machiya houses your perfect getaway. From multiple bedrooms, relaxing living room, luxurious bathrooms, full kitchen and more, our self-catering machiya houses are perfect for families, groups, or anyone looking to make their Kyoto stay a little more special.
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    Bed or Futon? Our machiya houses offer the option of sleeping on a Western-style bed, Japanese-style futon, or both, so that you do not have to compromise your comfort during your stay. Feel free to let the MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN staff know of your preference, and we will ensure that your machiya house is set-up perfectly just for you.*

    *Bedding configuration will differ depending on your reserved machiya house.
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    From tatami mat lined rooms, tsuboniwa gardens (inner courtyards), exposed wooden beams that stretch across the ceiling, tokonoma alcoves and more, there are numerous traditional design elements for you to admire in each house. In addition, as every house has been uniquely designed, every stay will be just as unique with MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN.
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    There's no need to worry about comfort when staying with MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN. We've placed thought into every design aspect, with you, or guest in mind. From updated kitchens to convenient washing machines, keyless entrances to including cellphone in every machiya house so that you can keep in touch with our staff, we have all of the details covered.
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    While you will be able to relax in a machiya house in the comfort of privacy, our friendly guest services team will always be on hand to assist you with anything during your stay. Whether it be making a restaurant reservation, recommendations on where to visit in the city, or questions regarding facilities within your house, we look forward to making your stay in Kyoto a memorable experience.

Want to take a look at Kyoto’s best machiya holiday houses (vacation rentals)? Choose a machiya house that best fits into your own unique travel needs. If you would like a recommendation on where to stay, feel free to contact our staff!

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