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Traditional Japanese Paintings - Machiya House Features

Did you know that Japanese paintings such as these use “iwa-enogu,” a unique pigment made mainly from crushed minerals.

In particular, the white pigment used to depict birds is called “gofun”(made from crushed seashells). In the past, it was also used to paint the faces of dolls and, because it is a natural material, was also used in food!


Enjoy a luxurious stay in a traditional Japanese holiday house as you admire the works of talented artists and craftsmen of Kyoto.

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    ‘Gion Shirakawa Kouki’ Machiya House
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    The Japanese painting featured in ‘Gion Shirakawa Kouki’ Machiya House depicts a stunning river scene.
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    While staying at this traditional Japanese townhouse, you will be surrounded by the beauty and refinement of traditional Japanese design.

Stay in a traditional Japanese townhouse (machiya) during your next visit to Kyoto, Japan.
Rent a private machiya holiday house – perfect as a short term or long term vacation rental.

Other Machiya Features

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