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'Framed' Japanese Gardens - Machiya House Features

Are you a fan of Japanese gardens? The garden at our traditional Japanese machiya house here can be viewed as a “framed garden”! This type of garden uses the wooden structure of an architecture as a “picture frame” to perfectly capture a view – a technique is known as “Gakubuchi teien” in Japanese. There are many famous temples in Kyoto city that use this architectural technique! (Such as Hosen-in Temple).

You can also slide open the shoji doors to change the view & atmosphere, too. Stretch out your legs on the tatami floor, and slide open the shoji doors of this Japanese-style room to take in the relaxing view of the tsuboniwa garden.  You can rent out this entire Japanese house and stay with up to 8 guests here at ‘Shimabara Kaiden’ Machiya House.

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    The entrance of Shimabara Kaiden, a traditional Japanese machiya house
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    You can enjoy the scenery at this private Japanese holiday house through all 4 seasons of the year.
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    The night offers a completely different feel to the tsuboniwa garden. Relax in the tatami lined Japanese "washitsu" living room after a long day of exploring Kyoto City.
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    Shimabara Kaiden Machiya House has a spacious dining room table and chairs, from where you also have a view of the traditional tsuboniwa garden.
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    You can find three koi fish swimming above that illuminate the space with colour and playfulness at Shimabara Kaiden Machiya House.
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    The western style bedroom is a calming and warm space featuring light-colored woodwork, soft indirect lighting, and Japanese ‘shoji’ paper windows.

Stay in a traditional Japanese townhouse (machiya) during your next visit to Kyoto, Japan.
Rent a private machiya holiday house – perfect as a short term or long term vacation rental.

Other Machiya Features

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