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'Daibei-zukuri' Walls – Machiya House Features

When you think of Kyoto-style machiya homes, you most likely imagine buildings with latticed windows and sliding doors that face the street, right?

However, there are machiya homes that have no lattice windows and doors – but “daibei-zukuri” walls instead! Daibei-zukuri walls faced streets directly and created enough space for a “senzai” front garden.

This type of machiya house was built exclusively for wealthy merchants and doctors, and was considered a symbol of wealth as it required more land and space than a typical machiya.  ‘Yoitsubaki’ Machiya House boasts 2 gardens, which you can enjoy during your stay in Kyoto City.

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    ‘Yoitsubaki’ machiya house: a spacious traditional holiday house (vacation rental) a short walk from JR Tofukuji train station, the famous Tofukuji Temple & Fushimi Inari Shrine.
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    Enjoy the view of the inner courtyard as you have a meal at the gorgeous wooden table.
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    Behind the beautiful fusuma behind the dining room table, you will find a Japanese tatami room with a view of the second garden.
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    You can enjoy the changing seasons in the tsuboniwa garden in the Japanese tatami room and engawa veranda at this private machiya house.
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    The spacious bathroom of this traditional Japanese holiday house features Japanese ceder wood and a rainfall shower, as well as a view of the garden.
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    The inner garden at ‘Yoitsubaki’ Machiya House. During the spring you can see the plum blossoms, while in the fall you can enjoy maple leaves.

Stay in a traditional Japanese townhouse (machiya) during your next visit to Kyoto, Japan.
Rent a private machiya holiday house – perfect as a short term or long term vacation rental.

Other Machiya Features

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